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About Me

My name is Miya Schwedler, I am 3 years old and living in Hamburg Germany. My dad is German, and mom is from China. I speak German, English and Chinese. I just started kindergarten and can´t wait to share with you my amazing experiences: playing, dancing, learning and growing up.

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The PlayGround

One of my favourite things to do is going to the playground. There i get to spend time outside, play in the grass and in the sand and meet a […]

A weekend in the Nature

Saturday me, my mum and my dad decided to go to a beautiful house in the forest to celebrate my birthday. There were a lot of trees, and a lot […]

The Birthday Cake

Friday we baked a chocolate cake for my birthday. I did it with my mum and Arianna, my babysitter. I really lliked making it: i put the flour in the […]

My First day of Ballet

Today I went to my ballet class. I learned from the teacher and made some friends.

Going to Creta

This summer, I went to Creta with dad and mom. I had a lot of fun.

Hello World!

First post about Miya´s day. In the article there will be multiple pictures and videos. You are welcome to visit.