• The Netherlands and Monkey Town

    The Netherlands and Monkey Town

    To surpise me, my parents took me for a trip to the Netherlands after Oma’s birthday. But the most important thing is, we went to a very big and indoor playground, where i tried many different toys. I went on a motorcycle, helped dad building a castle with soft bricks, jumped on the elastic mattress…

  • After School PlayDate

    After School PlayDate

    Mom and Dad came to pick me up from kindergarten today, and after taking a nap, we went to the playground. It was sunny, so we played outside for a long time. I went on the slide, and played with sand. After we went to buy a piece of cake. I was very fun!

  • Dinner date with Mom

    Dinner date with Mom

    Yesterday night my mom and I went for dinner together. She asked me what i wanted to eat, and I said Italian. We decided to go to Andronaco because they have Pizza and Gelato, two of my favourite foods. Everything tasted delicious.

  • A playdate with cats

    A playdate with cats

    Yesterday, after my ballet class, Mom took me to Katzentemple, a new cat cafe in Hamburg. My mom had a coffee, while I had a very big hot chocolate. When we were eating, cats came to play with me or cuddle next to us. I loved the afternoon, and want to go back there soon!

  • The PlayGround

    The PlayGround

    One of my favourite things to do is going to the playground. There i get to spend time outside, play in the grass and in the sand and meet a lot of new friends. My favourite toy to play with is the slide, because i have to climp on top and then, even if i…

  • The Birthday Cake

    The Birthday Cake

    Friday we baked a chocolate cake for my birthday. I did it with my mum and Arianna, my babysitter. I really lliked making it: i put the flour in the bowl, i broke the chocolate in small pieces and broke one egg. The cake tasted very good and i hate three slices right after it…


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