• Oma’s Birthday

    Oma’s Birthday

    This weekend me, my mom and my dad took the car and drove to Oma’s for her birthday. We met with the whole familiy, and stayed there for 3 days. I played with my cousins, went for walks with Grandma, and read many books. I tried to learn to play the piano, but it was…

  • A weekend in the Nature

    A weekend in the Nature

    Saturday me, my mum and my dad decided to go to a beautiful house in the forest to celebrate my birthday. There were a lot of trees, and a lot of animals.: I saw goats, chickens, rabbits. While taking a walk we found some blackberries: they were huge! To celebrate my birthday i dressed up…

  • The Birthday Cake

    The Birthday Cake

    Friday we baked a chocolate cake for my birthday. I did it with my mum and Arianna, my babysitter. I really lliked making it: i put the flour in the bowl, i broke the chocolate in small pieces and broke one egg. The cake tasted very good and i hate three slices right after it…


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